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Soccer Planet


Last Update 2:00pm

Status: Time: Program:
CANCELLED 8:30a - 9:30a Illinois FC Training
CANCELLED 9:30a - 10:30a Illinois FC Training
CANCELLED 10:40a Atletico Urbana v. IFC Chelsea U10
CANCELLED 11:30a IFC Arsenal v. IFC Man City
OK 12:20p Unity Rockets v. Panthers FC
CANCELLED 1:10p Champaign Real Madrid v. M Dogs
OK 2:00p IFC Tottenham v. IFC Southhampton
OK 2:50p IFC Man United v. SJFC U12
OK 3:40p EIFC U12 v. Urbana United
OK 4:30p Aces v. Atletico San Pacho
OK 5:20p SJFC U14 v. EIFC U14
OK 6:10p Arsenal FC v. Real Madrid
OK 7:00p MSSC 2002 v. IFC Stoke City
OK 7:50p IFC West Ham v. Juventus FC
OK 8:40p Rental

Please make sure to check here before traveling to Soccer Planet for your program. If cancellations are made, an email will be sent out to participants involved as well as courtesy phone calls when possible.  

Thank You,

Soccer Planet

    Rental Rates & Availability:

    • $150/hour Full Field
    • $75/hour Half Field
    • $115/hour Full Field Lunch Special (Between 12pm-2pm)
    • $125/hour Bulk Rate (10+ Hours Paid In Advance) 
    Date: Open Slot 1 Open Slot 2
    March 1 10:10p-12:00a
    March 2 10:20p-12:00a
    March 3 9:00a-2:45p 10:20p-12:00a
    March 4 9:00a-3:15p
    March 5 9:00a-4:15p
    March 6 11:30a-2:00p
    March 7 7:00a-8:30a 10:10p-12:00a
    March 8 7:00a-8:30a 10:10p-12:00a
    March 9 10:20p-12:00a
    March 10 9:00a-2:45p
    March 11 9:00a-3:15p
    March 12 9:00a-4:55p
    March 13
    March 14 7:00a-8:30a 8:40p-12:00a
    March 15 7:00a-8:30a 10:10p-12:00a
    March 16 4:45p-6:10p
    March 17 4:15p-6:10p 10:20p-12:00a
    March 18 4:45p-6:10p
    March 19 9:00a-6:30p
    March 20 4:45p-6:10p
    March 21 7:00a-8:30a


    Phone: 217.367.9999

    Soccer Planet

    2310 N. Willow Road
    Urbana, IL 61802

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