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Drill and Play

SPRING 2019 Schedules for Drill and Play+Goalkeeper Training can be found to your left under ‘Downloads and Links.’

In our program, your 7-15 year old will enhance their individual skills. Games and drills will focus on dribbling, 1v1 moves to beat an opponent, passing and receiving and much more. There will be an instructional scrimmage each week at the end of class. Classes will be broken down by age and skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a beginner or advanced class?
The way our curriculum is structured, this class will help players at multiple skill levels enhance their personal soccer skills.
What should my child wear to class? 
Please have your child wear comfortable clothes, indoor soccer shoes or tennis shoes and shinguards covered with socks. No cleats please!
What if I miss the first week of classes?
If you miss a class and would like to register, we will prorate the session fee based off of how many classes are left in the session.

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